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Monday, August 09, 2004

August 9, 2004

Joe Vig Thinks out loud before Buzzy Speaks:
August 9 Richard Nixon resigned today(1974), and Sharon Tate resigned as well(1969). August 4, 1962 was the parting of Marilyn Monroe. Did Marilyn Manson take his name from Marilyn Monroe and Sharon Tate both dying within 7 years of each other, five days apart in those seven years.

Buzzy asks how many letters in Marilyn Manson, 7 letters in Marilyn and six in Manson makes for 13. And Friday the 13th is this Friday, 2004. Last month, July, we had a blue moon. Buzzy sang "Blue Moon" before it was a Doo Wop hit. Before Buzzy gives today's lecture, kids, I want to speak with him about stuff of his on EBAY

A British single from Pussycats - Jerry Wexler's dear wife, who was a very nice person - she told him it had to be the single - You Don't Have To Tell Me Goodbye. The flip side - "a tear outweights a smile" - is a slow blues. "One of my favorite moments in life was Michael Bloomfield telling a room full of people that "A Tear Outweighs A Smile" was the greatest blues ever written."

Buzzy will call back. It is 11:59 PM EST, 8:59 PST

2:05 AM EST
When I was little I had a sister who was two years parents encouraged me to have a hobby, ---I tried to have a coin collection, tried to have a stamp collection. We didn't have enough money for me to have a decent size or quality hobby, so to speak. So I decided I would cut myf avorite tv stars and movie stars out of the back of magazines and that generally included ...there being a tobacco advertisement. It was crazy, here's a 7, 8, 9 year old trying to have a hobby, ...they were all smoking these cigarettes and they were all swearing that camels were very gentle on the T-Zone - a picture of a throat with a T - ...


Blogger Dave said...

Was your sister's name "Abby"?
David E. Keck Shaw High Class of Jan. '57

September 4, 2005 at 3:28 PM


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