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Saturday, August 14, 2004

The Buzzy Linhart Tribute Album: Masquerade Ball

Leata Galloway recorded Buzzy Linhart's MASQUERADE BALL "In 1974 we went into the studio and cut more than one song; this one closed the second act of the Broadway musical THE TRIALS OF OZ."
The material was recorded at Bell Labs - produced by Buzzy.

So 7:01 PM E.S.T. on August 14, 2004 we decided to put together a tribute disc - other performers covering
Buzzy Linhart. We would love to use the 45 RPM version of "Friends" by Bette Midler, different from the
two versions on The Divine Miss M.

See review written May 8, 2003:

In 1992 Cerebral Corps recorded "Music" on their release on Alias Records produced by Jeff Saltzman - we are considering that track for the tribute. Buzzy sang the tune that Etta James recorded in the 1950s, "At Last",
with Phoebe Snow at The Bottom Line in 2003. Buzzy has fond memories of seeing Etta onstage onetime as a guest of Bonnie Raitt circa 1982 - at The Palomino Club in L.A. Etta sat in for one song and Bonnie was so enamoured by Etta's vocals that she didn't want to sing. She said "No you sing" and Etta said "No, you sing!"
She was spellbound. Everybody was.

Re: The Trials of Oz

We were taking civil rights to the Broadway stage. Unfortunately the original producer passed away and it wasn't handled properly after that.

Leata Galloway sang these lyrics MASQUERADE BALL
Written by Buzzy Linhart and Jordan Kaplan

And the only difference between you and me,
is that you get to do what you wanted to be
And, the only difference between me and you, is that
I must keep searching, till the sun shines through

Chorus: The harder they come/the softer they fall,
but when you hold back/you get nothing at all
You used to be big/but now you're just tall
You think life is a masquerade ball

Second Verse

You move up a rung/by consuming your young
the judgment's been made/and the jury's been hung
And one last announcement/I must make to you
Is that we will take over/when you think that you're through

Last line changes and goes into chorus:

Yes we can take over/if you feel that you're through

the harder the come/the softer they call
but when you hold back you get nothingt at all
You used to be big/but now you're just tall
you think life is a masquerade
life is a masquerade
life is a masquerade ball

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