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Friday, December 31, 2004


Dear "FRIENDS" of Buzzy Linhart (and Moogy):

It was my pleasure to play The New Seekers version of"Friends" for Buzzy at 3 PM E.S.T. today 12/31/04. This rendition appears on a 1972 album by the groupand was found on Buzzy's page on Emi Music Publishing:

Log down to the ninth title which is credited toWilliam Linhart and Mark Klingman

This should be the direct link:

You'll have to get a passcode to get into the MP3 (though the 30 second soundclips are easier to hear) EMI mails you the passcode, then you can hear all the MP3s.

The great thing about this site is how it is set up.
1)30 second soundclip


3)who recorded the song (Midler, Manilow, New Seekers in the case of "Friends". They have a version by Buzzy but they don't have Moogy's rendition. They also don't have Carly Simon listed on Buzzy's "The Love's Still Growing"

4)Hit year


6)Label Copy

7)Request a Quote (on what fee the Publisher will let you use the title for)

8)Add to the project

Pretty amazing site, if not complete, at least it is functional and makes sense.
This was as much a thrill for me as when I played Bobby Hebb the version of Mieko's "Sunny" which was released in Japan allegedly prior to his version in America. Jazz artist Dave Pike on Atlantic and Mieko Hirota in Japan (on Columbia? I think) had versions of "Sunny" out there before Bobby's became the international smash.

You can go to

to find the New Seekers version:

Check out Buzzy's own publishing page:
and Buzzy's homepage brings you to the blog:

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Happy New Year
Joe Viglione for Buzzy's Blogspot! 3:22 PM December 31, 2004