Buzzy Linhart's original "buzzy" album is back in re-release as "Buzzy's buzzy", all six songs re-mastered by Buzzy and Bill Black in a gorgeous fold out cardboard cover. Visit our main site at

Sunday, August 07, 2005

New Buzzy Disc on the way at last!

For Immediate Release 8/7/05:

is going to be released on Buzzart Records

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buzzy (the original "buzzy" album with a little 'b')

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by Joe Viglione

Buzzy Linhart Presents The Big Few is a take-off from a band name created when Buzzy Linhart and his partner in the BuzzArt record label, attorney Arthur Berggren, were walking down the street and one fellow walking by said "big" while another in the other direction said "few." It's a 2001 compilation re-mastered by Perry Lancaster in 2003 and it features music from the soundtrack to the 1981 film Rush It! that was scored by Linhart, including three selections culled from over three hours of music recorded originally (but not used) for the proposed soundtrack to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Two, as well as selections from three additional releases: 1997's The BuzzArt Publishing Catalog, Vol. 1, 2000sThe Buzzy/Moogy Sessions, 1983-1994 on Mark "Moogy" Klingman's label, and 2001's Buzzy Linhart Loves You album. The result is an amazing sound trip through styles and ideas brought to life by talents ranging from Big Brother & The Holding Company's James Gurley to members of Utopia, Paul Winter Consort, Parliament, Weather Report, Wings, Vanilla Fudge, and other highly influential recording acts. The inclusion of "Friends," which Cher performed on her TV special in 2003, "I Believe It Tonight," and "Last Train Out" play like a "best of" compilation, while the film material is just very special, making Buzzy Linhart Presents The Big Few one of the prolific musician's most accessible discs. Murugá Booker of Weather Report adds a different dimension to Buzzy's world. Just listen to the 11-minute-plus "Silent Village," which closes out the disc, and play it against the dreamy 12-minute Mark "Moogy" Klingman/Buzzy Linhart epic that is "Fountain Of Youth." What would really bring this package home would be the addition of the promotional-copy-only 45 RPM cover of Albert Hammond's "If You Gotta Break Another Heart," which was climbing the charts until it got pulled back by the record label. That pop moment would bring it all full circle as this collection contains that very solid "Hurts So Bad It Must Be Love," from the Beatles convention record (featuring ex-members of WIngs along with Nicky Hopkins) and a modern revamp of that song, two-and-a-half minutes called " (Hurts So) Bad" — a wild dub mix full of scratches by Muruga and K-Os; a side of this artist the dance floors are crying for. The experimental music from Buzzy Linhart Loves You and the Rush It! film soundtrack is exotic and immense, sort of like Kraftwerk meets Jerry Goldsmith's vision for the original Planet Of The Apes while taking a detour in The Time Tunnel. Good stuff to play when you want to invite the neighbors over and blow their minds.